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Energy Efficiency – Building a Clean, Secure Economy by James Sweeney

It is a pleasure to announce this new book by James Sweeney, a valued advisor and sponsor of Camp BizSmart and BizSmart Global programs at Stanford University. Energy Efficiency, Building a Clean, Secure Economy, was published by the Hoover Institution Press at Stanford University.  Jim details “the impact of new and improved energy-efficient technologies, the environmental and national security benefits of energy efficiency, ways to amplify energy efficiency, and more.” Jim is a professor of management science and engineering at Stanford University, director of the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center, a senior fellow of the Hoover Institution, the Stanford Institute for Energy, the US Association for Energy Economics, and the California Council on […]

Arc Lights Revolights Team takes 1st place at Camp BizSmart June 2014 Entrepreneurship Academy

The Camp BizSmart Student team who took first place at the June business plan and product design competition was, drum roll please: Revolights Team Arc Lights.  Their challenge was to create a new innovative lighting system to reduce accidents and injury of children and parents who use jogging strollers.  The judges picked Team Arc Lights as the best product solution out of nine Revolights and Vintage Electric business teams at the product design and business plan competition held at Microsoft in Silicon Valley.   The Vintage Electric teams created portable charging solutions for the electric bike. At Camp BizSmart students are mentored by executives of hot Silicon Valley companies to solve […]

Camp BizSmart Offers Rare Opportunity to Work With and Learn From Successful Company Founders

Have you ever wished you could talk to a successful founder to learn how they brought their product idea to market?  Have you wondered how to meet successful entrepreneurs or to snag an internship at great company to acquire experience and develop essential marketable skills? We know from parents, friends and colleagues that many of you have wished for just this opportunity and yet found it to be elusive. Camp BizSmart students gain hands on insight into how business problems are solved and how product ideas get to market from company founders.  Before creating Camp BizSmart with my partner, I was a business development executive in several great companies including Stanford Children’s […]

Will you be on Camp BizSmart’s Top Team for 2014?

Are you an 11-15 year old who have ideas popping out of their head?  Do you believe that you will create the next big thing someday?  These students pictured above won the title of being the Top Team for 2013 at Camp BizSmart. Maybe you dream of creating your own company, or being part of a cool business bringing your skills to make a difference designing innovative new products. Camp BizSmart is the place to be if this is you! You may have heard that Camp BizSmart is nearly full at all of our Stanford University sessions for this summer with only a few spaces remaining.  That is true, and […]

Vintage Electric Bikes to be Camp BizSmart 2014 Biz Case Sponsor

As Andrew Davidge, CEO and founder of Vintage Electric Bikes says, ” a bicycle is such a simple machine, but performs a huge task in transporting us so efficiently and economically. Realizing the potential of an elegantly designed, quality electric bike, I believe that this amazing machine could be improved to better serve our 21st century lives.”   Having raced bikes for several years Andrew was passionate about creating a great transportation vehicle that was also energy efficient and had an elegant design.  While still in his 20’s Andrew has proven to be a dynamic entrepreneur with a great team who work with him and also mentor him. Electric bikes are […]