Teen Designathon Silicon Valley: 10 Day for 16-19 Year Olds

When you hear about Silicon Valley do you wish you had the next big idea?

When you watch Shark Tank do you imagine it is you pitching to Mark Cuban?

Do you want to learn to design the next “big thing”, get funding and take it to market?

Are you gritty, passionate, and determined enough to lead a team of young entrepreneurs to solve problems and pitch a world class idea?

Want to create a brand that’s as popular or trending like SUPREME?

Do you have an idea that can compete with SpaceX, “Pied Piper” or Amazon Alexa?

Can your team hack their way into the minds of Stanford “d” School graduates?


BizSmart Global, the leading entrepreneurship experience company for aspiring entrepreneurs is launching a unique two-week workshop at “Best in the West”, Santa Clara University in the heart of Silicon Valley. Bring your own idea or select an amazing and epic team full of elite aspiring entrepreneurs. Compete for start-up money and create an eye popping and explosive Crowdfunding video to launch your team’s cool new invention like an Elon Musk rocket!

At the BizSmart Launchpad you will learn inside trade secrets as Silicon Valley start-up veterans share with you the skills and experiences that have led to global success. Learn how to market, finance, and prototype with designathon sessions led by experienced inventors and business leaders. Tour a Silicon Valley company and hear from a “Hardware Hero” CEO how they forged success out of failure.

You and your squad will have 10 days to become a powerful team and create an out-of-the-box product to wow investors in a pitch battle to show judges why your team should be voted the winning squad. Create a team and jaw dropping product that would make all stare in wonder. Competition is high and students come ready to bring their all in this entrepreneurship workshop.

Top high school entrepreneurs from all over the world will learn and practice the latest business and entrepreneurial skills with experts at companies like Apple, Google, Oracle and Pandora. Be the first young aspiring entrepreneurs ever to use patented artificial intelligence technology called “Clone Coaching” to give you confidential real time feedback on SKA’s (skill, knowledge and abilities) like grit, growth mindset, charisma, proactivity and optimism. Clone coaching will give you a dashboard & reports based on your skill that you can show off to future employers and colleges.

Are you ready to become a real entrepreneur?

  • Compete for crowdfunding money
  • Be inspired by CEO led real world business challenges
  • Push the boundaries of what you know and learn what you don’t
  • Learn and understand Silicon Valley secrets of start-up success
  • Hear from Global entrepreneurs about what works
  • Visit hot start-ups with cool CEOs
  • Tour Santa Clara University and their famous “Maker’s Lab”
  • Ideate, design, and prototype an innovative product
  • Master the top 5 soft skills that the best universities look for on applications
  • Create and present a compelling 5 minute video and presentation judged by Silicon Valley investors
  • Work and learn in a one of a kind Maker’s Lab that features the most state of the art machinery.
  • Have fun, make cool new friends and experience a unique workshop that will blow up your old way of thinking!

Check Out Our Upcoming Teen Designathon 10-Day Programs for 16-19 Year Olds

Santa Clara University, CA
July 14–26, 2019