Design Your Future, Control Your Destiny: 6 Day for 16-19 Year Olds

Design Your Future, Control Your Destiny

This rich, interesting and challenging 6 day workshop is for “Tweenpreneurs” age 16 – 19 who want to take control of their future and design for themselves a life that matters. Conducted at Santa Clara University, one of the most prestigious private colleges in the nation, this experience will give aspiring young future world shakers the opportunity to write a personal “BizMe” business plan to put their dreams into action! Whether they want to launch the next big thing in Silicon Valley, start a social enterprise or just get into MIT or the school of their choice, this workshop will give them the tools and capability to design a step by step course of action to accomplish their objectives, and to craft a life that makes a difference for themselves, their families, friends and businesses.

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Santa Clara University, CA
July 15–21, 2018

* A limited number of residential spaces are available for this session.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Imagine a future that is exciting and challenging.
  • Build a roadmap to that future.
  • Implement the rules for personal success in life.
    • Never quit
    • Set BHAG outcomes (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals)
    • Find meaning in the moment
    • Manage and adapt to change
    • Pick the right mentors
    • Sweat the small stuff to assemble a reputation others will admire
    • Always give back
  • Make great career decisions with personal values and ethics in mind.
  • Strengthen the “GRIT” factor to live through tough situations.
  • Listen for understanding before being understood.
  • Apply rules for personal leadership and role modeling.
  • Polish and sell their own individual benefits and advantages.
  • Build a network of successful people who are worth knowing.
  • Tell their own personal story with passion, courage and character.

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