Crowdfunding Start Up Week: 6 Day for 16-19 Year Olds

Product Invention & Crowdfunding Video Competition

We’re proud to announce our third product invention and crowdfunding competition for aspiring entrepreneurs 16-19. This is a unique, intense, one week skill-based design competition workshop for top notch young entrepreneurs who want to learn how to turn ideas into cool, value added products!

As one of the team leaders I was responsible for analyzing ideas, considering budgetary and design constraints and keeping the team motivated and on task. BizSmart wasn’t just an experience for me. BizSmart taught me the fundamentals of business, and revealed leadership capabilities that I never thought I had. I would recommend BizSmart to any student who is interested in learning business. – Zach, 2015 Graduate

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Santa Clara University, CA
July 8–15, 2018

* A limited number of residential spaces are available for this session.

Product Invention and Crowdfunding Competition Description

Have an idea that might just change the world? Don’t have your own idea, but the thought of working on a small team to bring a great idea to life excites you?

This is an opportunity for high-school aged students to take great ideas and entrepreneur skills to the next level!

Bring your cool idea, and as an individual, pitch that idea to others to create an “on-the spot” team to work with you. Already have a group of 3-5 individuals working on an idea? Have them sign up with you and take it to the next level in this competition. Maybe you love the start-up idea and want to join a team to have that dynamic experience. We have you covered, as well. We will also partner with a Silicon Valley company and have your team work on an idea that might just be added to their product roadmap.

Whichever way you choose to participate, each team will take their idea from concept to prototype and make a compelling 2–3 minute crowdfunding video. Teams will gather user experience input, develop a pricing model and develop strategies for marketing, sales and distribution.

Participants will learn and practice business and entrepreneurial skills including design thinking, teamwork, leadership, collaboration, problem solving, idea conceptualization and public speaking. Entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley lead the workshop using a unique, project based learning model developed by executive development experts at the General Electric Company, called “Learn – Do – Check – Act”. Teams will compete for the best product design and video.

We are also working on an amazing opportunity for the winning team with Alibaba. More details will follow as they become available.

2018 Camp Dates Are Posted

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