Camp BizSmart: 10 Day for 11-15 Year Olds

At Camp BizSmart, aspiring young entrepreneurs acquire valuable skills by solving actual business problems from the CEO’s of hot Silicon Valley companies. Over 10-days, students ages 11-15 work in teams and are mentored by industry experts. On day 9, students present and defend their solutions at Microsoft before a panel of venture capital and angel investors.

2018 Business Cases

At the 2018 camps, students will have the opportunity to create the next generation of product designs for New Story, Nauto, and Savioke.

New Story

New Story is a non-profit working to create a world where no human lives in survival mode by providing one of life’s most basic needs-shelter. New Story currently works in Mexico, Haiti, El Salvador, and Bolivia and, in just three years, has funded more than 1,300 homes for families in need. 850+ of those homes have been built and families have moved in, Their 100% model ensures that every penny of each donation goes to build homes while their organization overhead and R&D is covered by private donors such as Y Combinator, prominent venture capitalist, and other leading executives. The current $6,500 homes are built to last for generations and each donation is paired directly with a family so donors can see their impact.

Download New Story Business Case


Nauto is an intelligent driver safety system helps commercial fleets and drivers prevent collisions before they occur. The system’s multisensor device contains bidirectional cameras and embedded computer vision to detect risky driving events — including distracted driving — in real-time, while giving safety, operations, and fleet management leaders unparalleled visibility and insights into the safety performance of each vehicle and driver. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with offices in Japan and Europe.

Download Nauto Business Case


Since 2014, Savioke’s Relay has been working with hotel staff to surprise and delight guests all around the world. Relay is reliable, easy to use, and completely autonomous. He even uses the elevator all by himself. Most important, Relay is safe around people – and not just workers in steel-toed boots. Relay gracefully navigates through dynamic environments, avoiding all obstacles and people in his way. He is especially gentle and safe around children who often want to hug him or chase him through the hallways.  In fact, the first time we installed Relay in a hotel, we saw a three year old’s bare feet through the robot’s eyes. That’s the safety case we designed Relay for.

Download Savioke Business Case

Check Out Our Upcoming Camp BizSmart 10-Day Camp for 11-15 Year Olds

Need on-campus housing? We have multiple sessions that offer that option. Limited spaces are still available – sign up now to secure your space.

Silicon Valley Community Foundation, CA
June 17–28, 2019

Santa Clara University, CA*
July 1–12, 2019

Santa Clara University, CA*
July 7–19, 2019

Santa Clara University, CA*
July 21–August 2, 2019

* A limited number of residential spaces are available for this session.

2019 Camp Dates Are Posted

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Want more details about how our camps work? You can find a day-by-day overview below.

10-Day Schedule

Week 1

Team Building, leadership, understanding market opportunities, creative problem solving, concept analysis & product design, finance and marketing strategies.

Day 1

Are you an entrepreneur and do you have “Grit”? Why passion matters. Meet Silicon Valley founders and CEOs. Be challenged with a real-world business design case. Learn team roles: CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CSO, VOC and CMO. Be the first young aspiring entrepreneurs to use the first-of- its-kind artificially intelligent mobile app called BizSmart Coach that puts you in charge of your leadership skill and ability development.

• Leadership
• Grit
• Growth Mindset
• Teamwork
• Collaboration
• Creative Thinking
• Problem Solving

Day 2

Practice product design. Make an original concept. What sells and why? How will it stand out from the rest?

• Design thinking
• Conducting focus groups
• Listening
• Team building
• Brainstorming and affinity analysis

Day 3

Is it an iPod yet? Taking a cool idea from concept to design. Let’s get creative! Why do great products and inventions matter?

• Product design
• Cost analysis
• “FAB” feature, advantage, benefit analysis
• Understanding customer requirements
• Fast cycle prototyping

Day 4

WAGIC design day. Concept visualization, bring products to life. Market research and competitive analysis. Learn how to improve your design concept based on value-added research.

• Concept sketching
• Conflict resolution
• Scheduling
• Goal setting
• Project management

Day 5

Will your idea make money? Will someone buy it? Is it what the customer wants? Build your financial IQ. Why “doing the right thing” is critical to long term success.

• Break-even analysis
• Profit and loss statements
• Creating marketing materials
• Competitive analysis
• Ethics: doing the right thing

Week 2

Writing an efficient business plan and making a compelling presentation. Competition week, and celebration of success.

Day 6

Creating a sales strategy and how to close the deal. How to tell your story with passion and share your vision for changing the world.

• Negotiation
• Selling strategies
• Sales promotion
• Distribution and inventory
• Risk analysis

Day 7

Writing an effective business plan. Practicing your presentation with the “WOW” factor. Contingency planning for what could do wrong. Leading your team to the finish. Adding zest to your pitch.

• Communication
• Composure
• Problem solving
• Critical thinking
• Presentation skills

Day 8

Present your business plan to real entrepreneurs and venture investors, share your passion and receive feedback from experienced presenters and speakers.

• Public speaking
• Persuasion
• Innovative thinking
• Making contact with your audience
• Teamwork

Day 9

A “Contest of Ideas”. Taking your idea to market. Listening to the customer. Asking real investors to “Show me the money”.

• Active listening
• Selling the idea
• Handling tough questions
• Managing stress
• Learning from experience

Day 10

How to win and lose with grace. The benefit of persistence to achieve goals. Graduation, celebration, recognition of the winning team and the “ZOG Award”. ZOG stands for: Zest – Optimism – Grit; essential qualities that researchers believe are indicators of future success.

• Character: Knowing the right thing to do
• Courage: Doing the right thing
• Citizenship: Teaching someone else about doing the right thing

2019 Camp Dates Are Posted

Sign up today to reserve your spot. The camps fill up quickly!