Santa Clara University, CA July 24–August 4, 2017

Need on-campus housing? This session has it! Limited spaces are still available – sign up now to secure your space.


The Next Level for Camp BizSmart Graduates

At the BizSmart Alumni Accelerator, self-motivated and directed “idea makers and world shakers” age 12 – 16 will test their entrepreneurial ability and start up knowledge in real world, “pop-up” simulations to bring their product to life and push their dreams into reality. Scrappy young entrepreneurs will learn how to go from garage to global in this one-of-a-kind, life changing 10 day entrepreneurship experience.

Instead of curriculum presentations, the participants will choose from a list of short tutorials as needed. Teams will be able to schedule “on demand” coaching and mentoring sessions, with a budget to competitively bargain and bid for access to real accelerator resources. This unique, first-of-its-kind opportunity for young budding entrepreneurs, will conclude with a real world “showcase” event at Microsoft Silicon Valley, where the teams will feature their products in an exciting and competitive trade show and work the crowd for the highest investment from the attendees.

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Don’t Compete… Accelerate!


  • Get ready to change the world, hear the secrets of “Lean Startups” pioneered by the Stanford “d” School, and join a team that will create the next global brand sensation!
  • Have an amazing idea? The BizSmart Global Accelerator will take you to the “School of Real World Experience” to harness the fiercely determined energy of Silicon Valley.
  • Fund your invention with brand new and innovative tools like crowdfunded equity investments.
  • Hone in on a dynamic business strategy that is based on national security research about the difference between puzzles and mysteries.
  • Craft a disruptive value proposition to be not the best, but the only!
  • Learn the trade secrets of marketing pros. Be the best at creating a media buzz and learn to do it for free! Hint: It’s NOT all about social marketing.
  • Have the best idea but want to make sure no one steals it? Come and understand what intellectual property is and how to safeguard your idea from crafty predators!
  • Learn how to lay out a product design timeline and manage precious resources to get to the finish line first.
  • Practice the “Art of Humble Inquiry”, one of the standards for professional life.
  • Learn the true sources of personal power, and how to get what you want without ticking people off.
  • Create a supercharged circle of influence, with a new concept called “Arcing”, that will take your network to the “C-Suite” level!
  • Measure yourself against the best in the world with a leading edge leadership assessment app designed exclusively for this BizSmart Global Entrepreneurship Experience.


  • Registration for this program is invitation only until January 30, 2017.
  • In order to register for the BizSmart Alumni Accelerator program, you must have completed a 10 day Camp BizSmart program, or equivalent.

houseResidential Housing Available

We’re excited to announce a residential option on the beautiful Santa Clara University campus for the July 24–August 4, 2017 program. Check in on Sunday, July 23nd after 3pm and check out on Saturday, July 5th before 10am for a total of 13 nights. Availability is very limited and we expect the housing to go quickly. This is a unique opportunity for your aspiring entrepreneurs to live on campus at one of the premier universities in the world.

Airport arrival and departure transportation services for residential students MUST BE arranged by parents with the service of their choice that best meets their needs. One service that specializes in transportation for young people is Kids Kab. Kids Kab is run by the owner-operator, Liz Marino who may be reached at (408) 342-0100. This is not the only option and parents should select the transportation service that best suits your needs.

It is important that BizSmart Global be informed of your student’s arrival time at the airport so that we can anticipate when they will arrive at Santa Clara Housing. We also need to know their departure schedule for the airport at the end of BizSmart Global and to know when transportation services are scheduled to pick them up. Please send your student’s flight arrival and departure information and who you arrange ground transportation with to Geeta Ajmera, Director Student Admissions and Logistics.

Geeta Ajmera
(510) 304-8044

The total cost is $4,350.00 which includes tuition, housing and three meals a day. Parents are responsible for transportation to and from the Santa Clara campus. Please call us directly at (408) 395-1937 with any questions or for additional details concerning this option.

Camp Information

Need on-campus housing? Limited spaces are still available – sign up now to secure your space.

July 24–August 4, 2017
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Residential Check In/Out:
Check in:
Sunday, July 23: 3–5pm
Check out:
Saturday, August 5 before 10am

Santa Clara University

Tuition Standard: $2,195.00
Payment Options
A deposit of $1097.50 is due at time of application to reserve a space. The total amount must be paid in full by May 31, 2017.*

Tuition Residential: $4,350.00
Payment Options
Includes tuition, housing and three meals a day.
A deposit of $2,175.00 is due at time of application to reserve a space. The total amount must be paid in full by May 31, 2017.*

Lunch Information:
At Santa Clara, lunch will be provided for students in the dining hall.

Camp Questions:
Geeta Ajmera
(510) 304-8044

*A student’s space will be guaranteed when we receive full payment.Any applications received on or after May 31, 2017 must include tuition payment in full.

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