Alumni Showcase

Camp BizSmart has had over 6,000 students take part in various workshops over the the last 12 years. Are alumni are actively applying what they’ve learned to new and exciting business endeavors.

Levi Kline

Camp BizSmart Alumni and CEO of the 2015 Grand Champion Team, ZeppLabs, “Leap Insole”

Levi Kline is the founder & CEO of Compliments, a social app that attempts to solve social issues that are important to teenagers. In the app, classmates send daily compliments to each other, and each time a compliment is liked, the sender is rewarded with points that are converted into donations that go towards the current highlighted cause.

Levi will be returning as a Camp BizSmart Alum to continue to hone his entrepreneurial skills in the BizSmart Global Alumni Accelerator this summer.

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