Never Give Up or How to Inspire Your Team From The Bench


Camp BizSmart new innovation of Zepp Labs technology to “play healthy, play smart”.

The NBA Golden State Warriors have been amazing with the “Splash Brothers” and the depth of the talent that make them a formidable opponent for sure.  But something else is happening within this team that is worth paying attention to.  If you desire to part of a winning team, no matter what your role, it will require you to find the zest, optimism and grit (ZOG) to support your team when obstacles occur, and failure is not an option.

One such obstacle happened this week when Stephen Curry suited up and took the court to practice only to find his ankle injury was more serious than expected and he would be forced to sit out of the game.  You may have thought it would be a major challenge for the Warriors to pull off a win against the Rockets.  But instead, Steph and his teammates turned this challenge into an opportunity.

It has been said of Steph Curry that he is a selfless player.  That is true,  but don’t forget that he as well as his teammates are fiercely competitive.  They enjoy the game and love to win because they played well and used everyones skills to the greatest advantage.  As they say, “strength in numbers”. That’s what great teams do – draw upon the energy and the strength of all members.  Curry showed that he is able to inspire from the sidelines cheering his teammates on.  Sam Amick writer for USA Today, said it like this: ” Some players suck the air out of the room, but players like Curry have the rare ability to breathe life into it.”    You see the heart of a champion supports their team even when they aren’t actually in the game themselves.  And, because the team seems to have a heart that beats as one – each team member whether it is Shaun Livingston, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala or any of the other dedicated team players.  Each has stepped up just when it was needed, and played with courage relishing being called into action. I just love their spirit, it’s contagious and in my humble opinion worth rooting for.

How to you get to be a champion?  You play with others who challenge you to bring your best and improve your skills.  You are persistent and tenacious in striving for quality and effectiveness. This demands that you develop a strong work ethic and good work habits.

At Camp BizSmart students work in teams to create product solutions to real business cases provided by successful Silicon Valley Companies. The product solution pictured above was a solution to dramatically reduce misuse or overuse sports injuries in youth.  The company sponsoring the business case was Zepp Labs and CEO Jason Fass.

Students have the rare opportunity to be mentored by CEO’s that have high performing teams that have gotten them to market and can learn from experience.  In addition. nothing is more valuable than hands-on practice to develop the essential skills that will allow you to be effective even when obstacles come – and they will. Oh and don’t forget that Steve Kerr is a living example of working through an unexpected physical challenge as well. So much to love about the examples that these guys are to all of us.  Way to go Warriors for being champions on and off the court.

To quote Winston Churchill, ” Never Give Up, Never, Never, Never Give Up.”  Even a great player can inspire from the bench and celebrate the victory of their team.  Those team mates will remember the joy that their cheer leader had for their victory and look forward to having them return to the court as soon as possible.

Camp BizSmart runs entrepreneur business academies from mid June to Mid August at Stanford Univ. Santa Clara Univ. and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation in San Mateo. Sessions are two weeks for 11-15 year olds and one week for 16-19 year olds.  If you want to develop your championship skills come hang out with some incredible examples of business founders and CEO’s who have created great teams and great businesses.






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