EKSO Bionics: Camp BizSmart Project Sponsor 2013

Bionic Suit Propels Human Grit – The 6 Million Dollar Man Becomes a Reality

Anyone who grew up watching the 6 Million Dollar Man or has seen the recent Iron Man movies knows that it is pretty cool to make the human body capable of more than it is able to do on its own. Steve Austin is severely injured when his aircraft crashes and is “rebuilt” in a title-giving operation that costs at least six million dollars. His right arm, both legs and the left eye are replaced by “bionic” implants that enhance his strength, speed and vision far above human norms. Iron Man, a 2008 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. It stars Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark, an industrialist and master engineer who builds a powered exoskeleton and becomes the technologically advanced superhero Iron Man.

Most of us aren’t trying to be a super hero, and we often take for granted the simple act of movement to walk wherever and whenever we want. But for many, this is not possible. Imagine you could not stand or walk on your own. Now imagine that a robotic device allowed you to regain command and movement of your body making it possible to stand up and walk once again. Science fiction you may think, but such devices are available today and becoming more futuristic in capability as you read this.

Camp BizSmart students will have the opportunity to create innovative business product solutions in this futuristic space with the generous support of Ekso Bionics as a 2013 Business Project Sponsor.

Ekso Bionics has developed a robotic device that does in fact augment physical ability and individuals who could not stand or walk on their own and are indeed standing and walking in rehabilitation centers all across the nation. Super human ability made practical but still amazing! Ekso is a ready-to-wear, battery operated bionic suit – or exoskeleton – that is strapped over the user’s clothing. The device transfers its 45lbs load directly to the ground, so the individual doesn’t bear the weight. Each Ekso can be adjusted in a few minutes to fit most people weighing 220 pounds or less, and between 5’2” and 6’2”, with at least partial upper body strength. The individual provides the balance and proper body positioning, and Ekso facilitates walking over ground. But this is what is currently possible, Camp BizSmart students will create something that does not yet exist on the market – are you intrigued?

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Camp BizSmart operates sessions at premiere locations such as Stanford University and Silicon Valley Community Foundation in San Mateo, with the product design and business plan competition for all sessions held at Microsoft in Mountain View, Ca.

The EKSO bionics business project requirements will be provided to all students who are enrolled prior to coming to camp. Students are mentored throughout the 10 days by industry experts who inspire and share business tips from their entrepreneurial journey. Camp BizSmart faculty coach the students through a project based experiential curriculum to acquire the knowledge and develop the essential skills necessary to create, support and defend their team’s solution. The top winning team for the summer sessions will appear at the Keiretsu Forum Angel Capital Expo.

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